In this episode, Keron dives deep into the concept of digital nomad visas, sharing his insights and personal experiences with the lifestyle. He discusses the transformative potential of living and working abroad, especially through the lens of a nomad, which are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Keron provides a comprehensive breakdown of the countries offering these visas and the specific requirements they entail.

Highlights of the Episode:

  • Personal Insights: Keron reflects on his recent trip to Colombia and how it solidified his desire to explore life outside of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Technology and the Caribbean: A critical look at the slow adoption of technology in the Caribbean and how this hinders progress.
  • The Nomad Visas: A detailed exploration of various countries’ digital nomad visas, including requirements and benefits. Keron shares a list of countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean that are welcoming digital nomads.
  • Living the Nomad Life: Practical tips on how to live as a nomad, including handling visa runs and leveraging tourist visas effectively.
  • Economic and Personal Growth: Keron discusses how the digital nomad lifestyle can lead to personal development and a better understanding of global business practices.
  • Cultural Experiences: The benefits of gaining new perspectives and ideas that can transform personal and professional life.

“Embracing the digital nomad lifestyle allows us to live and work in diverse cultures, learn from different economic systems, and bring back valuable insights that could very well be transformative for both individuals and our entire community at large.”

Keron Rose


If you’re feeling stuck or constrained by your environment, consider exploring the digital nomad lifestyle. Research and potentially transition into this dynamic way of living and working, which could open up new horizons and opportunities.

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