Why TTT’s Social Influencer Segments Were Trash

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TTT recently did their Generation Next segments with Khary Roberts diving into the world of Social Media Influencers and interviewed 2 popular ladies on IG.

The segments in my opinion were really really bad. The purpose of the segments was to highlight how people could become social media influencers and how to turn this into a way to make money.

Unfortunately, they missed the mark entirely. There was no homework done on the industry to have a good conversation to actually help people learn how to turn this into a viable business.

Instead, we got 2 segments where they interviewed 2 ladies who highlight everything that is wrong with Social Media and why marketing agencies have lost faith in working with people with large followings.

They also focused on only 1 way to make money, which was to work with brands. Not only is that the lowest hanging fruit, but it is also the most inadvisable way for popular people to make money on social media.

We dive deeper into the topic in this episode.

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