What We Would Do If We Ran Courts

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In this episode, we have some fun by coming up with strategies that we would do if we ran the Courts Caribbean E-Commerce & Marketing Department. I am joined by Ocey Phillips once again for this breakdown.

This was an interview we did on The Digipreneur Live Show and have brought it over to the podcast for the audio community.

We take a look at what we would do if we owned Courts Retailers and break down our E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Strategy.

We dive into:

– A personal experience shopping with Courts Caribbean

– We breakdown their E-Commerce experience

– We take a look at their digital marketing strategy

– We give you a live example of market research and suggestions for how to create content based on data

– At the end, we give our personal feelings and ratings on the E-Commerce & Marketing experience

Ep 24: What We Would Do If We Ran Courts

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