Using Paylinks To Get Paid On Social Media

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If your business doesn’t have a website but want to start accepting payments online for your products, services or events, then let me introduce you to my Paylink aka Payment Button’s strategy.

This is how you can start using paylinks to get paid on social media without a website.

Here are the companies in Trinidad and Tobago that offer the Paylinks/Payment Buttons/Hosted Payment Page services: Social Pay, FCB EasyBiz, Republic E-Pay, RBC E-commerce, Scotiabank E-Com+

These companies offer Paylinks/Payment buttons throughout the Caribbean: Fygaro, Buzz Pay, CX Pay

Wipay also offers you 1 Pay Link that you can brand but it is an open pay link, meaning you cannot create payment links for each of your products. This 1 link can be used to accept donations or as a quick way for people to pay you. However, it’s a general link and people won’t get info on the product, service or event you are accepting payments for.

Don’t forget to check out the website to learn more about building your digital presence and monetizing your platforms.

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