In episode 168, we give you an essential guide for Caribbean entrepreneurs and professionals who are eager to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving business landscape. The episode delves into the skills that are becoming crucial for success in the digital age, providing insights and resources for acquiring these competencies. This comes off the heels of the new report from Coursera, outlining the top growing in-demand skills for 2024.

Key Points from the Podcast:

  1. Critical Skills for 2024: Keron outlines the top ten business skills that are critical for 2024, focusing on e-commerce, media strategy and planning, and search engine optimization (SEO). These skills are highlighted as indispensable for anyone looking to thrive in the global digital economy, with e-commerce at the forefront due to its pivotal role in online business operations.
  2. Learning and Development Resources: The episode provides valuable information on where listeners can acquire these in-demand skills. Keron shares resources like Coursera, Shopify Academy, and Google Digital Garage, which offer accessible courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels. These platforms help professionals not only learn but also apply new skills to practical scenarios.
  3. A New Paradigm for Viewing Work: Keron stresses a new paradigm for how people need to view work in the modern economy. He urges listeners to master in-demand skills and not rely solely on the local job market. Instead, Keron encourages tapping into the global workforce and participating in the global economy. This approach opens up broader opportunities and allows Caribbean professionals to leverage their skills on a much larger stage, breaking geographical and economic barriers.

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This episode is packed with information for professionals looking to elevate their skill set and remain competitive in a dynamic job market. Keron Rose empowers listeners with the knowledge to identify and cultivate the skills that are most sought after by businesses globally. Whether you’re refining your current capabilities or embarking on new learning journeys, this episode is your guide to career advancement in 2024.

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