The Key Infrastructure Needed For Your Marketing & Digital Success

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When it comes to taking our businesses online, collecting data and measuring our marketing success, Caribbean Businesses struggle in this area because of the lack of infrastructure in their business.

Without things like your Website, CRM, Analytics Tools, Email List and more, it is very hard as a business to build online and measure the activities that you are doing.

If you don’t know things like which platforms are generating the most traffic or business for you, what are the top questions/keywords that are leading people to your business, which influencers are driving the most traffic or sales to your business, then you are doing this wrong.

The struggle comes down to a lack of understanding of the tools and infrastructure needed in order to answer some of the most basic questions on how our brands are performing digitally.

In this episode, I cover 6 key pieces of infrastructure that your brand needs in order for marketing and digital success.

Ep 10: The Key Infrastructure Needed For Your Marketing & Digital Success

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