The Digipreneur Vs Entrepreneur

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In this episode, we explore a case study of the digipreneur vs entrepreneur and their 2 approaches when it comes to starting a business.

The Digital Age is going to require you to make the biggest mindset shift in our lifetime.

The rules have changed and most of what we were taught has expired.

If you can accept that technology is the great equalizer and are willing to learn the skills needed that will have you start and run a business from a laptop, you can carve out your space to succeed.

The Entrepreneur & The DigiPreneur whilst both enterprising…will take 2 routes different routes to a goal.

The difference is that many of us can’t even get started becoming entrepreneurs because of all the hurdles.

The DigiPreneur can be anybody with an idea, a computer and an internet connection!

Ep 19: The Digipreneur vs Entrepreneur

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  1. GAngelique August 3, 2021 at 11:57 pm

    Kevon you are dropping value. Good topic. Good delivery. There is a need to uplevel our thinking. It is for our own good!


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