The Banks Are Holding Back Caribbean E-Commerce

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In Ep 60, we take a look at how the banks in the Caribbean are severely holding back E-Commerce.

In 2022, the mistakes the banks continue to make are unforgivable, we are going into year 3 of the pandemic and they have shown no growth in how they are helping the business space understand & develop their transition into the world of E-Commerce.

This episode only happened because whilst I was doing my research for another episode, I realized that I couldn’t get any of the information required from any of their websites and I literally had to get the information from networking.

If the banks want to see the region finally start to excel and tap into E-Commerce, they are going to have to do a lot more when it comes to educating, guiding and onboarding merchants better.

I know I went on a little rant in this episode but I truly believe that the banks are holding back Caribbean E-Commerce in a big way and 3 years into the pandemic, they need to find a clue. It shows in all of their content or lack of it, their messaging, their platforms that they do not have a clue and they need to start working with E-Commerce experts around the region to really help push the space.

After all, you are offering solutions in the E-Commerce space and have all the resources needed to make a big impact.

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