The 17 Components of a Digital Strategy

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In ep 124, we dive into the 17 components of a Digital Strategy! When you listen to this episode, make note of all of the components and start thinking about what you need to add to your business, what you need to learn and if you are even doing any of these things within your business.

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Social Media Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok 

[cl_timeline title=”Episode Timeline” data=”926=Goals and Objectives&1127=Identifying Target Audience&1243=Market Research&1311=Branding and Messaging&1641=Website and Online Presence&1730=Content Strategy&1924=Social Media Strategy&2014=Search Engine Optimization&2256=Paid Advertising&2324=Email Marketing&926=Goals and Objectives&2421=Data Analytics and Measurement&2593=Mobile Strategy&2678=User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization&2759=E-Commerce and Online Sales&2845=Technology and Infrastructure Assessment&2951=Budget and Resource Allocation&3020=Measurement and Reporting&”]

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