Sunday Motivation: Why I Do Not Get Burnt Out

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One of the biggest issues that have been popping up frequently during the course of the pandemic is “Burn Out”.

It’s a question that I get asked a lot because of the amount of work that I do and to be honest, when I give people my response, they are usually a bit shocked.

Since starting my business back in 2016, I have never felt burnout or coming close to it. I have needed to kind of sit with the reasons why I may not feel those feelings that people describe and I have narrowed it down to 6 key things within the life that has helped me.

Burnout is definitely real and I am not telling you that it doesn’t exist. The people who do feel it, their feelings and reasons are valid. I think you should listen to them and take lessons from them and then also take notes from those who haven’t experienced burnout. That way you have 2 perspectives that you can now use to help guide you.

Sunday Motivation: Why I Do Not Get Burnt Out.

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