Sunday Motivation: No Excuses

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We live in a time where it’s harder to give excuses for our situations.

We can learn skills right from home, start businesses with just a smartphone and connect with anybody across the globe.

Limitations are for those who aren’t creative enough to create a solution.

Let’s take the time this week to learn how to change the stories in our heads when we come across the challenges that we face. Most times, when faced with something that is giving us a tough time, we create more excuses as to why to quit than reasons we need to press on.

If we learn how to change the stories we tell ourselves to complete tasks, we can limit the excuses we give ourselves to not get something done.

I know for me, this episode is serving as a pep talk to myself to finally change the narrative in my head about working out and getting back into physical form that would allow me to find better mental focus.

Sunday Motivation: #No Excuses

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