Morphing Multiple Marketing Roles Into One

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We have seen more and more companies looking for digital marketers and E-Commerce specialists in the Caribbean in their push to go digital.

However, when we go through the job descriptions, we are seeing their role 8 roles into 1 and are trying to pay people next to nothing. We have seen companies like J&K Signature and Excellent Stores engage in these practices but when we look at the number of roles laid out and the remuneration of $6000ttd=$884USD to start for these jobs, there is something grossly wrong.

I hope this episode will help the companies understand that whilst they need these roles fulfilled, they would be better off seeking freelancers on platforms like Fiverr, then wrap multiple disciplines into 1 and underpay that staff member.

This should also let job seekers know that you need to value yourself and know that your skillsets have much more value than these companies are willing to pay you for and that you should stay away.

You can check out the J&K Signature Role Here -> E-Commerce & Digital Technology Admin

Excellent Stores -> E-Commerce Specialist 

Ep 66: Morphing Multiple Marketing Roles Into One

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