Is Entrepreneurship For You?

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Want to hear some good and bad news?

Remember the “New Normal” that you have been hearing about for some time now?

Well, we are transitioning again to another new normal and who knows how society has been reshaped whenever we finally get past the pandemic.

With costs of goods/services raising and industries being transformed, I have been starting to feel more and more that the only way for people to be able to ride the upcoming waves, is by learning how to tap into our suppressed entrepreneurial spirit and learn how to generate new revenue streams for themselves and families.

Entrepreneurship is something that needs to be taken more seriously during these times, especially because people are becoming discouraged by the limitations of the current job market. Not everybody will be able to get a job but everyone can leverage their knowledge and skills to create revenue. 

The good news is that we have so many ways to learn new skills and we are no longer limited to only the opportunities presented in our countries. 

So whilst many of you are not interested in building a fortune 500 company, learning how to tap into our entrepreneurial spirit and find creative ways to generate money needs to become a priority moving forward.

Ep 38: Is Entrepreneurship For You

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