How To Get Paid On Shopify In The Caribbean

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Have you been looking at setting up your website using the Shopify platform? Then you are going to want to take in this episode.

When it comes to taking credit card payments and getting involved in E-Commerce using the Shopify platform, folks in the Caribbean have been struggling to get the information needed in order to get paid on the platform.

This episode is going to shine a light on the 2 methods of getting paid on Shopify if you are in the Caribbean.

Here are the 3 websites to check out that we spoke of in the episode:

First Atlantic Commerce

Web Gold (FAC) Shopify Integration

The Wify Plugin

Remember, You need to ask your bank where your business account is set up for the Merchant Account or The E-Commerce account. You can reach out to First Atlantic Commerce and they can help you get set up with a Merchant Account in your country with your bank of choice. 

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