How Facebooks “Meta” Impacts The Caribbean

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I’m sure you have heard by now that Facebook has rebranded under the new name “Meta”.

This is not just a facelift because of legal troubles but represents a major change in their direction and how we understand exactly what the new company is all about.

To me…This signals the mainstream launch of Web 3.0.

I dive into my first thoughts and how I believe this announcement will impact the Caribbean region.

Technology is going to continue to allow the region to play big but we need the people of the region to put themselves into a major major learning mode in the biggest way possible.

We can’t afford for the gap to continue to increase on us.

In this episode, I brainstorm a few different ways that Meta impacts the Caribbean and give some examples of how I believe the technologies can be used to enhance what we do in the Caribbean.

From Augmented and Virtual Reality, NFT’s, Crypto…there is so much that the new Metaverse signifies for the growth of the Caribbean.

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