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Welcome to another exciting episode of Digipreneur FM, the podcast that explores the world of digital entrepreneurship and marketing. In today’s episode, number 131, we shine a spotlight on the challenges faced by businesses in the Caribbean when it comes to marketing. We identify 11 reasons why marketing is falling flat in the region, and more importantly, we delve into actionable strategies to help businesses overcome these obstacles.

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Episode Timeline

10:17 Focusing Only On Ads

16:35 Lack of Industry Expertise

20:38 Nobody Creating Content

23:55 No Clear Strategy

26:01 Your Marketing Personnel

29:44 No Upskilling

30:24 Management Controlling Everything

32:39 Outsourcing To Ad Agencies

36:27 Lack of Budget

38:48 Underststanding The Platforms

41:05 Lack of Storytelling

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Why Your Marketing is Falling Flat