Can Short Form Content On TikTok Hurt Your Business?

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With the explosive growth happening over on TikTok and the rise of short-form video content, we need to talk about how this can actually hurt your business if you are not mindful.

Whilst I believe you should be using things like TikTok and Instagram Reels to create content and grow your business, there are some things that business owners have begun sacrificing in order to focus solely on growing on these platforms and only using short-form content.

In this episode, we break down the 3 ways short-form content is hurting business owners and what they need to be mindful of whilst putting more time into short-form content. 

I think one of the most harmful ways that this is hurting business owners is that they are being blinded by the quick growth on TikTok, they have shifted all of their focus now to growing there quickly and have thrown building an overall Digital Business Strategy out the window.

Change for your audience/clients will not happen if all you have to offer is 1 min videos!

You need an overall digital strategy, you still need to collect data, build channels where you own the relationship and curriculum to effect real change.

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