Brand Ambassadors: When & If You Should Use One

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Signing a Brand Ambassador for your business has some tremendous upsides in the growth of your business both for awareness and sales. 

Whilst we see many brands across the Caribbean using Brand Ambassadors, we often don’t see a symbiotic relationship that makes sense for either party. What we tend to see is popular people with large followings sign deals and there is almost no visible strategy beyond awareness or any correlation with the brands & influencers. 

In this episode, we dive into some of the reasons why your business should be signing brand ambassadors, why you should probably become one (even if you own a business), the pitfalls for businesses and influencers to look for when jumping into these relationships.

Just for added clarification…You can be an Influencer without being a Brand Ambassador. An Influencer essentially becomes one when they sign an agreement with a company to represent their brand.

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