A Digipreneur Is Born

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The first episode has finally been released and I thought it would be appropriate to give you a bit of my back story as to how I ended up in the world of Digital Entrepreneurship.

I was kind of forced into this lifestyle given a lot of the things that happened during the course of the last 5 years but I firmly believe that all of the ups & downs were necessary to help me get to where I am right now. I wouldn’t change a step.

I believe that if more of the Caribbean region learned how to maximize the new opportunities presented to us in the digital age, we could become more self-reliant and create our own income streams from right here in our beautiful islands.

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Technology is the great equalizer and will allow the Caribbean to play on the world stage.

I don’t always dive into my backstory because I want to give you guys value that ultimately helps you move forward on your own journey…but there is also power in our story as well and maybe there is someone who is going through a similar situation or maybe you know someone going through it and this episode may help them.

Enjoy the episode and I feel free to touch base with some feedback. You can support the podcast by giving a sharing or dropping a review for me…Thanks a million.

Ep 1: A Digipreneur is Born.

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