5 Social Media Practices to Leave Behind In 2023

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  • Overview of the evolving nature of social media trends.
  • The importance of adapting to current best practices in social media.
  • Introduction to the five outdated practices discussed in this episode.

Show Notes:

  1. Overuse of Hashtags 
    • The negative impacts of excessive hashtag use on post clarity and engagement.
    • Evolving best practices for hashtag use.
  2. Ignoring User Engagement 
    • The significance of engaging with audience comments and messages.
    • How interaction enhances algorithm favorability and builds brand loyalty.
  3. Only Creating Short-Form Content 
    • Limitations of focusing solely on short-form content.
    • The need for long-form content to provide depth and context.
  4. Relying on Trending Audio 
    • Drawbacks of overreliance on trending audio.
    • Balancing content to educate, inspire, and entertain.
  5. Relying 100% on Video Content 
    • The limitations of an overemphasis on video content.
    • Advocating for diverse content types to cater to various learning styles.

Ep: 5 Social Media Practices to Leave Behind In 2023

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