5 Holiday Marketing & Sales Strategies For Businesses

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In ep 109, we dive into 5 marketing strategies that your business can execute on to build your brand awareness, reach and hit your sales numbers.

Most importantly, people are thinking about experiences more than ever and this episode will talk about how your brand can craft unique experiences that will help grow your business this holiday season.

On November 19th, we have the Becoming Googleable Workshop, check that out to help grow your brand’s digital presence and ensure you are starting 2023 off with a bang!  

Set up Paylinks or Payment Buttons through Social Pay, Fygaro or any of the banks E-Commerce Solutions.

To learn more about building your digital presence and monetizing your platforms, check out KeronRose.com.

Ep 109: 5 Holiday Marketing & Sales Strategies For Businesses

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  1. Keoma Marcelle November 4, 2022 at 12:37 am

    First time here sir, and like the first time I heard you at the NEDCO conference earlier this year, I am blown away… Your outlook on how to approach business is very refreshing to say the least and the advice given has been tremendously helpful in conceptualizing my core vision which became reality just shy of a month now. With registration out of the way and my website almost done, what lies ahead is a bit daunting, I ‘d like to chat privately about one of your courses, but just wanted to say publicly, knowing that there is a roots-man out there that is savvy and successful, assisting us to evolve strategically and efficiently in this digital age, is surely a comforting thought and I know I am not the only one who thinks so or has made the distinction… Thank You Mr. Rose… as I said then… Ricky Ross?? Nuh uh… Digi-Boss!!!


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