5 Content Creation Tips With Danielle Samlalsingh

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In ep 96, we caught up with one of the most popular and thriving content creators coming out of Trinidad and Tobago, Danielle Samlalsingh aka DD. 

Danielle has amassed a community of 250k followers on TikTok and accumulated over 10 million likes. Her community is super engaged and she is known for injecting Trini culture into her skits and using her background in theatre, drama and her unique witts to bring her skits to life.

She gave us 5 tips to help us with our own content creation process and I hope you get some great value from DD.

You can check her out on her TikTok (ddsamlalsingh) or on her Instagram (daniellesamlalsingh).

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You can also stay up to date with all things related to the podcast at the Digipreneur.FM website. 

Ep 96: 5 Content Creation Tips With Danielle Samlalsingh

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