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Role of The Digital Strategist

The Role of The Digital Strategist

In Ep 121, we break down the role of the Digital Strategist.  This episode is to help companies understand how this function helps their organization, salary ranges from various markets and what you should be looking for when hiring a […]

Instagram In 2023

What’s Up With Instagram In 2023?

In ep 120, we discuss what’s going on with Instagram in 2023. A few days ago, IG CEO Adam Mosseri admitted to the failed attempts over overfocusing on video in 2023 and has now been focusing on balancing photos with […]

Solopreneur Net 100k Per Month

Can a Solopreneur Net 100k Per Month?

In ep 119, we talk about how a Solopreneur can go about earning 100k profit per month. I break down my own road to 100k per month and share some insights that I’ve learned along the way in my own […]

Print On Demand Merch

Print On Demand Merch For Your Brand

In ep 118, we dive into the world of print on demand merch for your brand and shipping globally. Learn how to get started and why merch is a great way to help strengthen your brand within your community. Visit […]

soca artistes

5 Ways Soca Artistes Can Market Themselves

It’s Carnival Season here in Trinidad and Tobago again and one of the conversations floating around again is artistes being unhappy with the radio stations or DJ’s not playing their music. This episode will focus on 5 Ways Soca Artistes […]

marketing strategy

What Your Marketing Strategy Needs In 2023

Your customers have changed! How they shop, their needs, the platforms they use, and how they want to be shown information, is very different from pre-covid times.  If you are unsure about what types of things your marketing strategy needs […]

Artificial Intelligence For Businesses

Artificial Intelligence For Businesses In 2023

In ep 115, we dive into how the mainstream market is being flooded with artificial intelligence tools that are now able to help even the smallest business owners. Have you checked out Open AI, Chat GPT, Chat Sonic, Jasper, Midjourney […]