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I am Keron Rose, a key figure in fostering digital entrepreneurship across the Caribbean. My dedication goes beyond just achieving personal milestones; it’s about empowering entrepreneurs throughout the region with the power of digital innovation.

Leading Digipreneur FM, the top Caribbean podcast on digital business, I share crucial insights into marketing, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. My mission is to arm Caribbean entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge and tools for success in the digital world, building a community rooted in innovation and digital growth.

Keron Rose

Show must go on.

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Ravinee Bissondial Listener

This podcast help me take practical actions on my e-commerce business. Keron Rose always have refreshing ideas, he thinks strategically, along the ideas I have but gives me insights to excite growth in to a new level.Thanks for being a leader where in this uncertain field.

Rae Listener

I listen to the episodes while I illustrate because I believe in killing a few birds with one stone but oh-meh-goodness; sometimes I have to drop the stylus and take it all in, undistracted. My favorite episode thus far is "The 4 Keys to eCommerce in the Caribbean" because it was as though Mr. Rose read my mind and responded to my thoughts! Definitely a must listen

Kadion Preston Listener

This podcast is timely and important if your doing anything digital from the Caribbean.

Jennie Listener

This podcast has useful information for the Caribbean-based digipreneur, as well as people living outside the diaspora. The host gives great information and concrete strategies for achieving success online.

Desphiana Listner

Lots of valuable information in every episode, definitely implementing all that I’m learning into my business and social media platforms. Plus, the tone of Mr Rose’s voice 😏 makes driving in traffic worth it

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