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n ep 91, I go into 2 stories of recent shopping experiences in trying to buy products and why the entire customer journey is terrible in Trinidad and Tobago. This also plays a major part as to why we cannot stop the foreign exchange leakage because we will have to increase our purchases online to get the products and experiences we want.

There is a silver lining, these are all opportunities for local businesses to start changing a few areas in the customer journey so that they can start attracting more local customers, increasing sales and creating a better in-store experience. 

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Ep 91: Why Shopping In Trinidad and Tobago Is Terrible!

Episode Timeline

42:00 Trying To Buy a Mouse

14:00 Endless Scrolling on Facebook

32:00 Can't Stop Foreign Exchange Leakage

52:00 Customs Holding Us Back

00:00 Lack of local product expertise

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Shopping In Trinidad and Tobago