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One of the things that hurt early-stage business owners across the Caribbean is their inability to delay gratification.

Your business needs your time, energy and resources to be successful and if you cannot learn how to delay gratification, it will end up crashing and causing more stress in the long term.

Balance is needed but learning how not to burn out, relax and take care of your mental health without taking away from your business is critical.

In this episode, I break down my thoughts on delayed gratification and how it has helped me get to this point where I am no longer stressed in my day-to-day life. 

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Ep 79: Why Delayed Gratification Is Needed For Business

Episode Timeline

00:00 Years Since I Partied

21:00 Delayed gratification is a skill

28:00 The Balance Needed

16:00 An example of delayed gratification

54:00 My Paradigm Shift

00:00 Investing In Yourself

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Delayed Gratification