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Your customers have changed! How they shop, their needs, the platforms they use, and how they want to be shown information, is very different from pre-covid times. 

If you are unsure about what types of things your marketing strategy needs in 2023, let’s break down a few things your organization should be doing and will need in order to find success this year.

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Ep 116: What Your Marketing Strategy Needs in 2023

Episode Timeline

00:00 Upskilling with these skills

17:00 Doubling Down on Long Form Content

39:00 Short Form Content W/ Substance

53:00 Building a Community For Your Niche

00:00 Short-Form Video

00:00 Focusing on Owned Channels

00:00 Aligned Micro Influencers

00:00 First Party Data Collection

27:00 Artificial Intelligence Skills

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