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In Ep 121, we break down the role of the Digital Strategist. 

This episode is to help companies understand how this function helps their organization, salary ranges from various markets and what you should be looking for when hiring a Digital Strategist.

If you are someone looking to get into the role yourself, this episode will break down the pathway to becoming one. 

Here is the job role breakdown mentioned in the episode that comes with links to industry courses and books to learn about the role and become certified —> The Digital Strategist Breakdown.

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Episode Timeline

20:16 The Duties of a Digital Strategist

23:11 The Soft Skills

24:44 The Education

34:28 The 12 Disciplines of Digital Marketing

41:13 The Salary Ranges

42:47 Industry Certifications

44:56 Books For Digital Strategists

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Role of The Digital Strategist