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In marketing, the one thing you can never plan for is virality. You never know what piece of content will go Viral or how it will go Viral…Let’s dive into the Breeze & Unilever Bacchanal.

This weekend, I dropped 2 videos recapping an event where Unilever/Breeze held an upscale event to launch their new detergent, invited influencers and I gave my opinions on it.

That turned into a slew of response videos from the TikTokers towards me and people chiming in with their thoughts. Breeze then trended all weekend long lol.

Well, I wanted to drop my thoughts and review the weekend…then dive into lessons learned from everything.

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Episode Timeline

00:00 How it started

00:00 Unilever Press Release

00:00 The publics intitial reaction

54:00 Set influencers up for success

18:00 A Message To The Influencers

00:00 Why I recapped the event

00:00 Businesses don't understand influencer marketing

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Breeze & Unilever Bacchanal