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In 2022, I had to get to a place mentally where I could give myself permission to no longer play it safe within my brand & industry.

Playing it safe in your business, being politically correct, and fitting in, will have you undervalued, broke or meeting the bare minimum and most of all, your brand will not stand out from the noisy digital world.

The business community plays it safe in the Caribbean, and nobody wants to step on anybody’s toes. Still, we have become complacent & accepted mediocrity in all aspects of our society because of that.

The thing is, nobody gets remembered for playing it safe and our industries don’t grow when we aren’t pushed by those who are willing to take risks.

In this episode, I dive into my morning thoughts and some lessons I’ve learned this year as I have pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone and no longer ride the fence for the sake of being politically correct.

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Ep 73: Society Forgets Those Who Ride The Fence

Episode Timeline

05:00 My 2022 Promise To Myself

06:13 Linkedin Post That Sparked an Idea

12:03 Observations of not being politically correct

24:02 Sensitivity of society holding us back

27:07 Being okay wit being misunderstood

39:16 Not riding the fence, sets you apart

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society forgets those who ride the fence