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In ep 145, we’re setting ambitious goals for the upcoming year, encompassing travel, enhancing our YouTube channel, engaging more in business events, and pitching to authoritative platforms. We’ll discuss strategies for podcasting on the go, writing for additional media houses, speaking on international stages, and upgrading our equipment. The focus this year is on elevating our personal and professional growth in the dynamic world of digital entrepreneurship.

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My Goals for 2024 Breakdown:

  1. Travel:
    • Discussion on the importance of travel for personal growth and business expansion.
  2. Business Events:
    • Plan to attend more business events to network and gain industry insights.
    • We talk about these events’ value in learning and forming partnerships.
  3. Vlogging and YouTube Channel Development:
    • Why Vlogging and YouTube will be a big part of my strategy for 2024
  4. Pitching to Authoritative Platforms:
    • Approach more authoritative platforms to increase visibility and build brand equitability.
  5. Niche Focus and Collaboration with Thought Leaders:
    • Plan to niche down further and concentrate efforts on specific areas.
    • Focus on working with Thought Leaders and industry experts
  6. Podcasting on the Go:
    • Podcasting more on the Go as I travel
    • List out the new equipment to travel on the Go
  7. Writing for Additional Media Houses:
    • Goal to contribute articles to two more media houses.
  8. Speaking on International Stages:
    • Aspiration to speak on at least one top-tier international stage in the US or Europe.
  9. Upgrading Equipment:
    • Plan to upgrade all necessary equipment to enhance production quality.
    • Discuss the types of equipment being considered and the expected impact on content creation.

Episode Timeline

00:00 Travel

11:00 More Business Events

44:00 Vlogging and YouTube

58:00 Getting on Authoritative Platforms

46:00 Podcasting On The Go

00:00 Writing For Addditional Media Houses

00:00 Speaking on a International Stage

00:00 Working With Thought Leaders

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My Goals For 2024