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The JTDA facilitates the exchange of information and views, and the alliance fosters networking links between ICT industry experts, IT professionals, academia, enterprise, and IT enthusiasts to encourage new thinking, education, and career advancement opportunities.

In this episode of Digipreneur Live, we meet with the President, the VP and the past President…Mr. Adrian Dunkley, Twitty-Ann Thomas and Stacey Hines to discuss the JTDA’s initiatives and how they are helping the IT sector around the Caribbean.

To learn more about the organization, Visit: JTDA Website

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Episode Timeline

00:00 What is the JTDA?

18:00 Why does the membership matter?

37:00 JTDA Recent Wins

00:00 Tech Alliance Fund

00:00 Digital Transformation Institute

00:00 Skills In Demand Now

00:00 The Biztech Conference 2022

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