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In ep 145, we dive into a question that more and more people are having, has Trinidad and Tobago become too limiting to grow and build?

We know that crime has spiralled out of control but besides that, the ease of doing business is extremely problematic, the banking in the country is a complete mess and has far too many restrictions. 

Professionals feel like there is no room for growth or to learn locally. Even when you travel, go to school abroad, or go to professional conferences or workshops abroad, returning to Trinidad to implement any of these doesn’t happen for many reasons. 

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Ep 150:  Has Trinidad and Tobago Become To Limiting To Grow and Build?

Episode Timeline

00:00 Conversations Amongst Peers

00:00 Day To Day Examples Abroad

06:00 Where do you go to upskill locally?

14:00 Opening up and Using a US Bank Account

00:00 Not Being Able To Apply New Knowledge Locally

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Trinidad and Tobago Become Too Limiting