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In this interview, we sit down with the remarkable Alex Sterling, the acclaimed Executive Liaison to Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid. Known for his unparalleled dedication and innovative approach, Alex has set a new standard for excellence in his field.

Join us as we explore his inspiring journey, the secret behind his successful collaboration with Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid, and the strategies that make him a paragon for executive liaisons everywhere.

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Ep 147: Getting To Know Alex V. Sterling

Episode Timeline

00:00 Unique Position and Skills

00:00 What attracted you to working with Terri-karelle

00:00 What is an Executive Liason

04:00 The Working Dynamic

50:00 Past Skills Learned That Help Today

09:00 Typical Day as an EL

00:00 Key Skills an Executive Liason Needs

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