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In ep 112, we speak with award-winning journalist, Melissa Noel and talk to her about how Caribbean Entrepreneurs can go about getting featured on international media outlets like Essence, National Geographic and more. 

This episode is chalked full of gems.

Check out Melissa Noel’s website to learn more about her and the work she is doing here –> MelissaNoel.com.

You can watch the Digital World on Freedom 106.5fm every Friday live here —> Digital World Live Stream

Episode Timeline

17:24 How Melissa got into journalism

25:56 Telling her parents about becoming a journalist

30:24 Most Impactful Story

38:20 Getting started at Essence

44:54 How Caribbean Ppl Can Earn Int'l Media Attn

47:42 How to pitch to Int'l Media

56:16 Tips on telling better stories

58:09 What's the best content to create

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