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In episode 148, I take the stage at Fintech Islands 2024 to discuss a pressing issue: the tech literacy gap in the Caribbean. I share my journey and commitment to empowering the region through digital literacy, stressing the importance of effectively using digital tools for economic growth and technological advancement.

I use vivid examples to highlight the challenges of adopting new technologies without proper guidance. This talk explores the systemic barriers to tech literacy, including the lack of public training, content creation tailored to the Caribbean, and comprehensive staff training within organizations.

I call for a collective effort to overcome these challenges, aiming to foster a digitally literate and economically prosperous Caribbean.

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Episode Timeline

00:00 Dr. Terri-Karelle Intro

00:00 What To Do With High Tech Tools?

00:00 Why we have low adoption for tech

00:00 What Happens If we Don't Close the Gap?

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Closing The Tech Literacy Gap