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In 2022, I am hoping that more and more of the population is equipped to determine who are the coaches and people they should be investing their money and time with to help them grow their own businesses.

It’s hard for people to determine who can actually help you just by looking at their social media and many of the Business/Marketing/Social Media coach out here talk a good game. So in this episode, I am giving you 7 ways to check whether or not these coaches are worth investing in or even following on social media.

Following this guide will help you save your money from a bad investment, wasting your time or even allowing these people to take up precious space on your social media feeds.

Episode Timeline

11:02 Body of Work

17:55 Look at their clients

24:45 Do they have a full-time job

32:15 Are they practicing what they preach

35:14 Creating only inspo content

41:37 Do they have courses or workshops in their own name

48:30 Certifications and Degrees

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