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In the Digital Age, Content Marketing is the #1 form of marketing.

It’s what establishes brands/people as thought leaders, it is the best way to build trust amongst your customers and it’s also the top way to drive traffic to your platforms & social media pages.

However, getting the content right is critical. Blogs, Podcasts, Videos and Live Video all have their pros/cons but the 1 thing that is consistent for all of them is…Relevance!

Take a look at these 6 ways to find relevant content that you can use that will ensure you are creating the best content for your audience.

Check out:

Episode Timeline

00:00 Quora

00:00 Google Auto-Search

00:00 Social Media Influencers

00:00 Competitors Content

00:00 Google Alerts

00:00 Tweak Your Biz

Ep 27: 6 Ways To Find Relevant Content To Create

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