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When it comes to building your brand and establishing yourself in your industry, your audience is constantly looking for those businesses that thoroughly understand their problems.

Short-Form content doesn’t allow your audience to build that confidence that you are the business that can truly help them the way that your long-form content can. 

In this episode, we dive into 6 reasons why as a business you should be creating Long-Form content and how only creating short-form content can work as a detriment to your brand.

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Ep 99: 6 Reasons You Need Long-Form Content

Episode Timeline

17:07 Short-form doesn't give the whole picture

23:22 Should lead to long form content

27:15 Short content doesn't establish expertise

31:36 Long Form allows for binging and immerision

36:22 Sets you apart from everybody else

44:19 Long-form content is all Googleable

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