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In this episode, we dive into 6 reasons why a solopreneur does not need to build a team to create or scale a business.

The beauty of being a Solopreneur lies in the flexibility we have with our time and location freedom but we can also leverage tools, automation and freelancers to perform tasks within our business.

It all comes down to a choice. We are now able to scale a business through digital means, as long as that that is what we desire to do.

In 2021, a Solopreneur no longer needs to scale by adding a team but can create multiple streams of income and still be the lone wolf in their business. It will also give you the freedom of only relying on yourself and not having to worry about other people within your business. 

Episode Timeline

00:00 Lifestyle Choice

00:00 The Gig Economy

00:00 Leverage Digital Tools

00:00 Create a Low Expense Lifestyle

38:00 Time and Location Freedom

40:00 More Ways To Be a Solopreneur Than Before

***I made a mistake in the episode…Youtube has paid out the equivalent of 345k Full-Time jobs in the US…not 60k.***

Ep 26: 6 Reasons Why A Solopreneur Does Not Need a Team

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