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In ep 130, we bring in Psychologist and High-Performance Coach Miss Chelsea Cree to come in and give us her top 5 tips to help Entrepreneurs get their mental health in order as they progress on this journey of building their business.

If you want support in your journey with your mental health or looking for a high-performance coach, check out Chelsea’s Instagram Pages –> @Chelsea.Cree and @Creecoachingandconsulting 

Check out the KeronRose.com website to learn more about building your digital presence and monetizing your platforms. You can also stay up to date with the podcast by checking out the Digipreneur FM website. 

Ep 130: 5 Tips To Support Your Mental Health as an Entrepreneur

Episode Timeline

00:00 Prioritize Your Self-Care

00:00 Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

00:00 Regulating Your Nervous System

38:00 Create a Support System

00:00 Embrace Self-Love

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Mental Health as an Entrepreneur